Rooms & Suites at Hotel König von Ungarn

Viennese Classicism – Rooms in a historic ambiance

These are rooms with an ambiance of days gone by. A touch of nostalgia. At the time of the Austro-Hungarian double monarchy, Hungarian magnates stayed here. In these classic Viennese rooms, the atmosphere of imperial Vienna is still palpable.

The rooms are one-of-a-kind. No one room is like the other. The single rooms have an area of 24-26 m², and the doubles are between 30 and 38 m².

  • Hotel König von Ungarn in 1010 Wien
  • KvU in Vienna, Austria's capital
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The RESTAURANT is located directly in Vienna's historic district near St. Stephen's Cathedral and offers classic Viennese cuisine.

Hotel König von Ungarn

A-1010 Wien, Schulerstraße 10
Tel.: +43 1 515 84-0

Hotel König von Ungarn Hotel König von Ungarn Hotel König von Ungarn