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König von Ungarn - a hotel with history

Excerpt from my history: "Around the middle of the 18th century, the character of the house Schulerstraße 10 changes, because now, after the medieval hostel for foreign priests, there is for the first time a form of accommodation business, at that time under the name 'Zur weißen Rose'. The aristocratic owners did not occupy the house themselves, which was not unusual at that time. Also in the 18th century real estate was an investment and a source of income. Hardly any house was inhabited by one family alone, so even in aristocratic houses lived bourgeois tenants who pursued their business.

At that time, the present Hotel König von Ungarn probably had its most prominent neighbor! Because in the house Schulerstraße 8 - which belongs today in the first floor partly to the Hotel König von Ungarn, moved in on September 29, 1784 none less than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ..."

Therefore, today in my annex you can find the Mozart Museum, entrance Domgasse 5. Mozart's rooms were on the second floor, and his bedroom was in a former showroom of the court stuccoist Alberto Camesina.

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The hotel bears the name König von Ungarn (King of Hungary) for good reason and quite rightly. During the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, from 1867 to 1918, mainly Hungarian noblemen and magnates stayed in our house in the luxurious annual apartments. Some of the guests spent several decades here. Many of these celebrities are immortalized in our guestbook, which is worth seeing.


One of the oldest hotels in Vienna

The Hotel König von Ungarn is one of the oldest hotels in Vienna. Such a long tradition also tells a long story. A history that fascinates our entire team as well as many of our guests. Again and again we receive references from them to historical documents concerning our house. That is why we know that the Hotel König von Ungarn is mentioned by Sándor Márai and in a work by Julio Cortázar. Have you perhaps seen an old illustration? Or was our hotel mentioned in a novel? Please send us your discoveries. We are looking forward to your support!


Celebrity guests at the Hotel König von Ungarn

Here is a small selection of our most famous guests

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